Can't rejoin after conditional split...

  • 2 December 2022
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Hi guys, 

I can’t rejoin to main flow after conditional splits.

The splits are made based on $source value, to trigger different welcome emails based on which sign-up form out of 18 has been used. 

Each sign-up form has a unique welcome email with a unique download link. 
Then after this, I want to merge all back into one main flow. 

But nothing happens when I drag the “path icon” ( after “EXIT”) back to the original flow…. 

It will not re-join main flow… 

Any ideas? Thanks in advance! 


Best answer by Bobi N. 2 December 2022, 07:28

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4 replies

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I’m not sure if this is the case because I don’t see your setup but usually this problem happens when you have more splits and you trying to connect middle split but the last split is not connected. For some reason klaviyo made it that if you have 3 splits for example third split must be connected back, then connected to the second before you can connect the second split to the first one..

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Thanks a lot @Bobi N. 

I’ve tried a different way meanwhile…. 

  1. Trigger (subscribes to list) 
  2. Send emails (18 emails after trigger point, no delays etc) 
    - BUT filter to only send to profile with $source property value matching specific sign up form… 


That didn’t work either… 


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Nevermind - I think the last solution works now! 

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Hi @Andy1995


Thanks for bringing this question to light! 


You can rejoin splits anywhere you see a green drop-points, however it should be noted that it is only possible to rejoin the YES and NO paths within a single split.  ​​​@Bobi N.’s workaround of connecting one split at a time until you get to the main flow would work here! 


Your additional thought to use a flow filter via the $source properties works too! 


Thanks for participating in the Community!