Can't see this email? {% web_view 'Open in your browser' %} .

  • 13 October 2021
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Just a question that I cannot find in any other resources.

Does anyone know how the variable below is used? Do the campaign or flow need to be active before it is able to link to a URL that opens the browser. I am just getting a placeholder when I test this variable. Bearing in mind the template I am using is is not published and I am on a free version.

Can't see this email? {% web_view 'Open in your browser' %} . 

Thanks for your help in advance.



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3 replies

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Hi @Paul from Concise Digital - welcome to the community! 

I think because each email is unique to each recipient (e.g. Personalization, Event Variables like Items Ordered etc), the link generated from that variable only works when you do an actual Campaign or Flow Message send. 

The placeholder pages lets you know the template tag is “working” but the email hasn’t been generated since it was only a Preview test email. 

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Hi @retention yes, that makes sense now. Thanks for the information. I will try to using the {% web_view 'Open in your browser' %} in my next campaign or flow to see if it is the case.



In our old ESP I was able to generate a browser link so my company can see a preview of an email before we send it without logging in. Is there any solution in Klaviyo for this?