Can't send my first newsletter campaign

  • 3 February 2024
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Hi all,

I’m so so bummed.

I need help sending my first campaign.  :-(

1. I created my template design.
2. I chose the template.
3. There is no “Save and Exit” or “Send” option in my User Interface or user experience.

Just “Save” (for the template).
No “Send”.
I’m in the bad hellish cycle of clicking on my campaign (in “Draft” mode), and then just pulling the Template I created into the Content view, and then…

No way to Send.  Just “Save” over and over and over again.

Anyone have an idea for how to save me from this UX?




Bottom of screen view:




Template I add (with nothing to do but “edit template” or Cancel out)



6 replies

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Hi @tanyagm, welcome to the community!


I hope we’re able to help you get unstuck, and I’m sorry to hear you’re having this experience. It’s definitely not a typical Klaviyo UX. 


First troubleshooting question - are you using Chrome or another browser? Sometimes you’ll run into UX bugs if you’re not using Chrome…


Does that solve your problem? If no, we’ll bring in reinforcements to help!





Nobody offered a solution yet.

I’m on Chrome.

I’m also looking for another marketing platform.  It shouldn’t be this hard to send a small email newsletter in 2024.


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@tanyagm totally understand your frustration! I encourage you to stick with Klaviyo, and give their support team a chance to make this right! What you’re experiencing is most likely a product bug… 


I’ve made a quick video sharing my screen of what the workflow to build a campaign, using a template you’ve built and saved yourself, should look like.


Are you taking all of the steps I’m demonstrating? If yes, can you tell me what point has buttons missing/ something seems broken?


That will help us get to the bottom of your issue so you can send a campaign. Also, are you currently on a free plan with Klaviyo? It might be worth upgrading just so you can submit a support ticket directly to the product support team… 

Taking every step descripbed.

No buttons are appearing to save and send.  I’ve given screenshots of my experience where, in the tutorials explanations are given for sending the email. 
I’m on a free plan. 
I’m not going to upgrade JUST to send a small tiny email newsletter (less than 50 ppl).


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Can I help you get it fixed?

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@tanyagm hmm, in that case, it’s definitely a bug with Klaviyo. You’re not required to be on a paid plan in order to send emails, so that’s not what’s causing your issue. 


If you created your account less than 60 days ago, you still have access to Klaviyo support on your free plan. I encourage you to submit a ticket directly there, or use their live chat if it’s within 9 am - 5 pm EST Mon-Fri. They’ll be the best resource to give you the help you need at this point.


If your account is more than 60 days old, it’s likely worth upgrading to a paid account just to have direct access to Klaviyo’s support team. 


Best of luck!