Can you add personalization to the From Name of an email?

  • 28 June 2022
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Is there a way to add personalization to the From Name of an email. If so, how do I test it to make sure it works?





Best answer by alex.hong 29 June 2022, 21:38

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What did you have in mind in terms of personalizing the From Name? 

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We would like to add our customer’s vet name to the start of the From name, to let customers know that this specific email is coming from their vet. 

{{ Vet Name|default:'Your Vet' }} from VIP Petcare

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Hi @John.Parker,

Great question! I think that since you already have the vet name data stored in a profile you can use template tags/ variable syntax to personalize the email. Is that something that you were looking for?

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Do you know how I can test this From Name personalization with real data? 

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@John.Parker create a burner email (another one that you use personally) and create a test profile on it with sample data you'd have for real subscribers.  Create a segment with only that email and then send yourself a campaign.