Can you have multiple newsletters to sign up to on an opt-in form?

  • 27 September 2023
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I’m curious if there’s a way to create numerous newsletter types, and have opt-ins for the different options show up on our opt-in form. 

For example, I want to offer Newsletter A (weekly) and Newsletter B (daily). 

I don’t want to automatically add all subscribers to both, but rather let them opt-in to which one they want (and also modify their existing subscription to opt-in to Newsletter B, if they only subscribed to Newsletter A, for example)

Is this possible?

I assume I can assign a tag, but then it doesn’t translate super well to the subscription page without a lot of custom work. Is that the only resolution or am I missing anything?


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Hi @SJK 
If you create a form with klaviyo you are safely able to add multiple buttons with their respective target lists.

So you could add 2 buttons, one subscribing to a daily newsletter, one weekly.

By the time there is a custom form, you could simply with a dev send the contacts to the respective lists depending on the button or checkbox.

ps: if you don't like buttons instead, you could use checkboxes/radio buttons/dropdowns and fill in a hypothetical field with email reception preferences (daily, weekly), create a segment to differentiate them and use the segments for sending instead of the list.

I hope I have given you some ideas and been clear.

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Hi @SJK - @gmartu method is spot on. Just expanding on this a bit futher...

I would create a Signup Form with the different options and let the user select when signing up.  You can build these options in Klaviyo’s Signup Forms, so no custom coding is necessary.  Just make sure to map the values you want to the appropriate Custom Properties (aka fields).  

For example, you may have the Custom Property “Newsletter_Choice” with two options:

  • Newsletter A = A
  • Newsletter B = B

See this screenshot:

Build Your Segments for Each Newsletter

Then, build the appropriate Segments for each “newsletter” so when you send your Campaigns you can target the people who signed up for the appropriate one.


Using Consent Pages - Preference Page

Also, you may want to consider adding these same options into your “Preference Page” as well.  That way, you can link them to their preference page for them to update or change their preferences in the future.  

See this screenshot:


Here’s some documentation on how to do configure your consent pages including the preference page:

Hope that helps!



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