Cart rebuild link redirecting to wrong product.

  • 28 June 2022
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I’m using this link to rebuild the cart from my woocommerce store.
{{ organization.url|trim_slash }}/cart?wck_rebuild_cart={{ event.extra.CartRebuildKey }}

However, it doesn’t matter what product i add to cart, the link that i receive in abandoned cart email, is always redirecting me to the exactly the same product which is not the one that been added to cart.
I tried:
Deleting profiles from klaviyo so it not keeps any data

Deleting the orders in woocommerce

Clearing browsing history including cache and cookies.

Nothihg work…

Also it the email itself inside the dynamic table it always shows the exact same product.
I lost any hope finding the solution.
In klaviyo chat support they were unable to resolve it claiming it’s something with my woocommerce store.


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4 replies

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Hello @Betralife,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

That’s certainly an odd behavior! I think it would be helpful if you could share more about how you’ve built and tested out your email to see if other Community members have encountered this behavior before. 

When you say that the dynamic table block within your emails are pulling in and showing the same exact product every time - does this occur even if you are triggering the started checkout event with entirely different product through different sessions? If so, then I may have to agree with what our Support colleagues have mentioned that this may be caused by how your store/integration is set up. 

Since the dynamic table block is populated by the data shared when the started checkout event is recorded, if the block is highlighting the same product every time; this leads me to believe that something within your WooCommerce backend could be overriding this data that’s being synced to Klaviyo. You should also be able to test this by triggering the started checkout event for a test profile and then looking at their Klaviyo profile timeline to see what products were triggered with the event. If the product(s) do not match the item you triggered the event with, then it’s safe to assume that the odd behavior is originating from your WooCommerce backend. 

Because the checkout portal is typically where the started checkout events are recorded, you may want to start by investigating your checkout portal. If you were using a third-party or custom coded checkout page, you may want to reach out to your own developer to troubleshoot further to see if it’s either implemented incorrectly or a conflict in how it’s setup with your backend. 

I hope this helps!


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Thanks for the detailed answer David.

The issue really begins with my setup as i have 3 different products to chooce from in my checkout page.
What happens is once a user lands on a checkout page, it trigers the “checkout started” metric and it includes a product that is being selected by default in this checkout page.
After that, it doesn’t matter if a user select a different product from the checkout page, the data is not changing… 
I can see that user is adding a different product to the cart, but yet, the abandoned card email will always be sent with details of a product that is selected by default in the checkout.

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Hey @Betralife,

Thanks for sharing those additional details!

So this does certainly sound like something related specifically to your checkout process and WooCommerce setup. 

Sounds to me like when the user lands on the checkout page, the pre-selected product is triggering the started checkout event. However, if the user selected a different product on the checkout page, the checkout portal isn’t being refreshed or updated to trigger a subsequent checkout started event to reflect the changes. 

This would definitely something you’ll want to investigate further with the developers of the checkout portal if you were using a third-party provider or working alongside your own developer to resolve if it was a custom built checkout portal.


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Hi David
Thanks for the reply.
I was able to resovle it by starting the flow with “added to cart” metric with some filters instead of “started checkout”