Change font in the 'back in stock' modal Shopify

  • 19 March 2023
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Hi everyone, 

I am using the Neue Hass Unica font family on my shopify store and would like to have the same font in the style of the ‘back in stock’ modal. When installing the snippet it seems that the Google font Helvetica Neue is default: 


additional_styles: "@import url('');",

     drop_background_color: "#000",


When I try to put font_family: "New Hass Unica" in the code - nothing happens. 


Can anyone help?

Much appreciated, Luisa x




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2 replies

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Hey @Luisa _rayas 

Thank you so much for reaching out for help with your custom font! There are a number of post here on the community on this topic already! Check out some of these post that will help you troubleshoot your challenge! 

Hope this helps!

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None of the links provided above relate to the Back in Stock popup in any shape or form!