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  • 6 February 2022
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My abandoned cart email shows the customer what is in their cart, but is there a way to show the "sale" price. The email that gets sent is showing the "regular" price for my store listing and not the sale price. I'm sure it would increase my conversion rate if I could change that. Is it a setting in Klaviyo? Anyone?



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2 replies

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Hi there @StinkyLockers


Thanks for sharing your question with us! Happy to share some insight into this!


When dynamically populating event data, like price in table blocks, Klaviyo pulls this information from your ecommerce store. You should be able to pull in the sale price into this email if it’s available in the event data your store is pushing over to Klaviyo. However, if you notice that anything wrong in the data showing, I would investigate the backend of your eccomerce site to figure out why the wrong figures or pricing are being pushed through to Klaviyo. Once you find the error and correct it, they should be correctly brought over and displayed in the email! 


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@StinkyLockers - I took a quick glance at your site and I think you’re using Bigcommerce.  Bigcommerce passes in a few variables in the Checkout Started event that relates to the “Sale Price” depending on how you set prices as Bigcommerce lets you set Price Lists contextually for different user groups.  This is passed to Klaviyo either in the root of the “extra.items” array or in the “extra.line_items.physical_items” array - again, this depends on how you set prices in BigCommerce. 

Looking at the event data, I found these variables relating to a “sale price”:

  • {{ event.extra.items.0.sale_price }}
  • {{ event.extra.line_items.physical_items.0.sale_price }}
  • {{ event.extra.line_items.physical_items.0.extended_sale_price }}

Depending on where your “sale price” is located, you can try these options.  Look at your “Data Source” to see what the table row is looping over.  It looks like this:


If you are looping over event.extra.items as an alias of items - then you would use this code table block:

{{ item.sale_price }}


Or, if you are prefer, you can loop over the event.extra.line_items.physical_items as an alias line_item - then you would use this code in your table block:

{{ line_item.sale_price }} or {{ line_item.extended_sale_price }}


Depends on where the sale price in your BigCommerce is set and passed to Klaviyo. Give both a try and see if it works and hope this helps!