Changing email copy (display different URLs) based on product(s) purchased.

  • 30 October 2021
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I need to customize email copy based on the products someone purchases. We sell physical card games that also include a free digital version of the game, with a different unique URL for each language (we have 7 languages).

In our post-purchase flow, I’d like to have customers receive the URLs of the products they purchased. If they buy 4 different languages, they’d receive 4 URLs in that email. If they buy 4 of the same language, they’d only receive 1 URL for that language.

I’ve read through some other solutions and Creating a Product-Specific Flow seems to come the closest, but it seems as though I’ll have to have a different email template for every permutation.

Is there a way to customize this within the email copy? Thank you so much.


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Hello @joejlam,

As a first generation Chinese-America, I love the concept of your game! 

The use of a Product-Specific Flow along with different email templates associated to the different languages would be one option to accomplish this.

One other way I can see this being accomplished without having to create several permutations of the same email copy would be to utilize Klaviyo’s Show/Hide feature. This features allows you to show or hide certain elements within the email based on either the recipient’s profile properties or event properties.

You can implement this strategy one of two ways. You can either build your Show/Hide condition based on certain phrases found in the product title or based on product tags that are applied to these products being purchased. The easiest way to put this into action would be to create seven text blocks whose content/copy contains the digital downloadable URL of each of these languages. You can then have each of these text blocks with their own show/hide condition meaning that even if someone purchases two different languages, then two of the text block would display based on those two languages. Similarly if someone purchases multiple packs of a similar language, then one one text block with the digital download URL would appear. 

Keep in mind that if you opt to base your conditions off of product tags, that you must first tag these products within your ecommerce catalog’s backend. 

I would also suggest taking a look at our How to Show or Hide Template Blocks Based on Dynamic Variables Help Center article as well as @retention’s wonderfully insightful How To Set Show/Hide Blocks Based On A Custom Profile Property article to learn more about using Show/Hide conditions. I’ve also included other Community posts that touch upon this subject that may be of use to you as well:

Thanks for being a part of the Klaviyo Community!