Changing Time Delays "Mid-Flow"

  • 21 October 2021
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Above is a screenshot of a flow I'm building for a customer survey we'd like to launch.

The functionality is meant to allow us to gauge the success of the email against half of the survey population. That way we can update the email/campaign for the other half.

I created a time delay of 30 days to keep people not in the split in the flow. However, we may not necessarily want to wait the full 30 days if the first half is successful.

If I changed that to 1 day after the flow is turned on, will everyone caught in that time delay be moved on after 1 day?

Thank you!


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Hi there @jfcatalan,

Thanks for posting this question to the Community! I hope to offer some insight to your Flows question.

I think you have a great start for an idea for testing an email by creating a 50% random split and waiting. However, the thing about Flows and time delays is that customer who are already in the Flow will not be affected by you changing the time from 30 days to 1 day.

When you change a delay, this will only impact new individuals entering your flow and individuals that haven't yet reached this step in your sequence. If you update the Time Delay before an email, those already scheduled in the Waiting bucket will not be rescheduled.

The only way to "reschedule" these profiles would be to export the profiles that are waiting, cancel the profiles that are waiting and send them that email as a campaign.  There's no way to re-route the profiles that are already scheduled within a flow:

I might suggest letting those profiles run their course and correcting the flow timing for new profiles.  Also, if this is a new flow you could always cancel it, clone the flow and start fresh with a new timing set, setting it Live, and then back-populating the flow. Once you are sure these contacts are being filtered and going through the flow as you expected, you can turn the old flow off. Using this method of cloning, updating, and back-populating will work as Klaviyo is essentially re-qualifying these existing contacts for a new flow with the desired updated settings.You can learn more about Klaviyo’s back-populate function and how to initiate this process from both the How Back-Populating Works in Klaviyo and How to Back-Populate a Flow articles. 

I would recommend taking a look at the How Contacts Move Through a Flow article to learn more about making changes to a flow can effect and impact your customers.

Additionally, if you wanted to test two different emails in general I would recommend A/B testing! An A/B test allows you to show different copywriting and creative work to a subset of your audience to test what makes them more likely to complete the call-to-action (CTA) of your form or email. Feel free to check out this great community post for more info!


Hope this helped and have a great day!