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  • 19 March 2024
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This can’t be right.
Working on my checkout flow

the “checkout started”  zero times - need to be at “least 1”. no? 
This look like as the ATC flow. 



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5 replies

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Hi @Yoavshaf 

To expand on @Brett_Gatsby comment, the flow filter ‘started checkout zero times since starting this flow’ won’t prevent a contact from entering the flow - all contacts who trigger the event will enter it unless you add trigger filters.

Profile filters are evaluated when contacts enter the flow and before each email is sent. So, ‘started checkout zero times since starting this flow’ would prevent contacts from receiving duplicate emails if they trigger the flow more than once (multiple checkout events).

However, as you have ‘not been in this flow in the last 5 days’  that will achieve the same result and so the above filter is not necessary. That statement assumes your AC flow sequence is less than 5-days!

Hope that helps


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Gotcha, well I agree with you that that filter seems like it would either prevent people from entering the flow all together OR be irrelevant as they would need to be “in the flow already” for that trigger to qualify as true - hard to tell without testing it.

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In another checkout flow i have in the archive
i have these setting:


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I’m not sure as I duplicated another checkout flow I had.

I’ve tried to open a new checkout flow but I don’t see that option at all.



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Hi @Yoavshaf did you add that profile filter or it was in there by default?