Cold email flows and opt-in permission

  • 16 November 2023
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I’ve been searching this forum for a while for an answer but can’t find one surprisingly...

Without violating any laws or breaking Klaviyo’s acceptable use policies or terms of service, is there a way to send a cold email flow to leads (who publicly display their email addresses for their business) without receiving the opt-in email from Klaviyo? 



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3 replies

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Klaviyo, and almost all email marketing platforms, is permission based. Scraped emails have not given permission. They also didn’t opt-in so it goes against GDPR, CCPA, and all the other privacy laws.


Cold email is SPAM so I don’t think that’s going to fall under their acceptable use policy….or the law.


I appreciate your reply and understand that it may be against email marketing platforms’ policies.

Aside from that, when emailing a public business, who has their email address publicly displayed on their website, on vehicles, on social media and other platforms, how is inquiring about their business in an attempt to use their services considered spam and/or against the law?

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Because if you were inquiring about using their services, you wouldn’t need a marketing platform for that. You would use direct email.