Columns looks good in preview but horrible in email

  • 30 September 2021
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I’m new to Klaviyo and setting up my first flow ever.

I’m having trouble using the columns. They look fine in Klaviyo but horrible in e-mail. In Klaviyos editing mode and preview, all lines are aligned and straight. But when I send a preview email to my own e-mail, it looks like this: 


I’m using Outlook and Windows Mail - both look the same.

When I log into my email through (browser), it looks much better, but it’s still a little off:



Most of our customers probably use Outlook. So what do I do to make it look proper?

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Hi @MakersRanders, thanks for reaching out to the Community today.

Outlook uses Microsoft word to render HTML/CSS, which can skew the way an email looks on the Outlook or Windows Mail clients. You can read more about why outlook renders emails differently on our help center, but there isn’t an easy solution because there are no established guidelines from Outlook on how they render emails with images.

You may be able to minimize the issue by setting an image width for each image in your template. Full width images should be at most 600px wide, and smaller images displayed side by side should also not exceed 600px.

I recommend using the Advanced Reports feature in your Campaign Analytics to see your performance by email client, which can give you a better understanding of which email clients your subscribers use to open your email.

If many subscribers do use Outlook, you can use tools like Litmus or Email on Acid to test your email design on different clients before sending. 

Lastly, this thread on a similar issue has a lot of really helpful resources I recommend checking out.

I hope this helps!