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  • 17 November 2022
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I’m sure I’m not the first to suggest this, but it’d be great if we could implement a company calendar into Klaviyo and be able to schedule changes - not just campaign sends or flows, but say on Black Friday you want to change the menu bar in your footer to include Terms & Conditions, be able to have an event in your account called Black Friday that spans over a user-determined time period, and universal content blocks can be shown or not shown based on those events.

3 replies

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Hi @eMeg,

This is great idea I didn't think about it but in that case we even could have something like grouping function so more complex events with many campaigns and flows could be combined in one for reporting and fast access.

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OH that would be so helpful!

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Hey @eMeg and @Jakub,

Loving these ideas! Thanks for sharing!

I know our product teams are working on a project that I think this feedback would be helpful. I’ll share this with them as I’m sure its something they’ll love to hear!

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