Conditional split flow logic

  • 21 May 2022
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HI, trying to understand the logic within flows.

If i have a list triggered flow with various split filters and customer email triggers this flow and continues down a thread (lets call this split, placed order 0 times in lifetime) and receives 3 emails from the yes column (no buys) but then makes an order on email 3

**will this customer stop getting emails from the yes thread?

**will the algorithm divert the customer to the no thread (has paced order) where customer starts receiving those emails?

**if customer continues to get emails in the yes thread (0 orders) even though he made an order, how could i stop the emails? Would changing the split filter to placed order 0 times since starting this flow make a difference?

Does this same logic or algorithm apply to all flows?


Thank you!



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Hey @tracingrobots,

If you haven’t already, I believe it would be helpful for you to take a look at some of our following Help Center resources:


One thing you’ll understand from these articles, is that a flow functions in a linear path. This means, when you incorporate conditional or trigger splits and create different branches, recipients who are diverted down their respective paths would stay on that trajectory. From your example, the contact who has already been evaluated as never making a purchase; who then decide to make a purchase wouldn’t change the path that this user is already going down in the flow. 

The simplest way to ensure that contacts are going through a flow who have never made a purchase, or not one since starting a flow would be using a flow filter. Since flow filters are evaluated at every step of the flow, users by incorporating a flow filter rule such as “What someone has done, Placed Order zero times overall times” would ensure that only users who have never made a purchase would be receiving the flow. With this flow filter in place, users who no longer qualify - such as making a purchase while going through the flow - would be removed from the flow and considered skipped from the flow

Although this is just one method, there are a number of different strategies and methods you can use to prevent certain users from receiving a specific flow, flow branch, flow email, etc. depending on what your overall goal is. All of which, can be accomplished using flow/trigger filters, conditional/trigger splits, additional filters, etc. If you need further assistance with finding a strategy that works for you, I would strongly suggest reaching out and working with some of our wonderful Klaviyo Partners who I’ve seen build really creative flows depending on the account’s goals. 

I hope this helps!


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Thank you. I'm pretty clear on Flow filters just wanted to know if the flow filter controls the thread going down that flow filter column.

On a place orders 0 times, if person makes an order on third email in that column, they will not get the fourth email as they will be skipped from that column. 


Main question is, since she made an order will she be sent done the yes column on placed order o times. 


Thank you



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Hey @tracingrobots,

Based on your main question, this would really all depend entirely on how you have your flow set up such as when this user was evaluated for the conditional split, when did they place the order, if there were any flow filters in place etc.  

To connect back to your main question of will a user continue down the YES branch of a conditional split in a flow with the condition of “placed order zero times” despite making a purchase - then the answer would technically be yes. As mentioned in my comment prior:

From your example, the contact who has already been evaluated as never making a purchase; who then decide to make a purchase wouldn’t change the path that this user is already going down in the flow. 

To be even more specific, if your recipient was already going down the YES branch but decided to make a purchase while going down that branch, they would still continue down that branch despite making purchase. After already being evaluated by a conditional split and going down a specific branch, whatever actions these users take after the fact wouldn’t change the path they’re already on. That is, of course with certain exceptions such as flow filters and other settings.