Conditional split (link click + delay)

  • 24 March 2021
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Hey guys, 

I’m trying to create a sequence where the reader can click on a button and receive the next email in the flow immediately if they do that. If they don’t click on the link, I want to wait 2 days before sending the next email. 

This is basically a welcome sequence with the option of “bingeing” through the content (each email is part of a personalised skincare plan).

So far I’ve used two conditions for the split: opened email in the last 24 hours and clicked specific URL in the last 24 hours. If they don’t, I’ve added in a 1 day delay, and then I send the next email automatically.

Does this look correct to you? Does it mean that they have 24 hours to complete the conditions before they move on to the next step of the flow?

This is what a part of this flow looks like atm:




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4 replies

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@Alex Cho 

Nope, set up like this IMMEDIATELY after sending the email the check will happen and will be almost 100% No because people won’t have time to open that email.. you need to add 1 day time delay between the email and the split so you give people 1 day time to do what you want them to do..

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@Bobi N. thanks for that! 

That makes sense, but if there’s a delay before the split, they wouldn’t get the next email as soon as they click on the link (if it happens soon after they receive the email), right?

Eg. someone opens and clicks within an hour of getting the email - it would still take 24 hours for the check to go through

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@Alex Cho 

yes this is true but there is no way around it..


There is one other option though.. you can set the button to add property to people


so what you will need to do is add the link to the button which when people click will add property for example .. property = CampaignClick with value = Clicked

Than you create segment of people for who property CampaignClick is equal Clicked

And also you create flow triggered by the segment from above

This way when someone click the button they will get the property, they will enter the segment, with that they will start the new flow.. and there you can send email to them immediately after they do this...

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@Bobi N. thanks a bunch, I’ll look into that!