Conditional split with one message?

  • 29 March 2023
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Hi folks! We’ve recently created a win back flow for customers that haven’t purchased in quite a while. This flow has 2 messages, the initial message where we offer a code to come shop again, and another message to send 2 weeks later to those that haven’t used the code yet. This is how we have it drafted, but I’m unable to find if a conditional split can truly be used this way (with only one message in the split). Is this going to work or are there other suggestions on how to accomplish something similar? Thanks in advance!




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If you are using a static code here this should work but if you have a dynamic code in the first email then this may not work because the codes change for every person.

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Would you want to do the split by the purchase rather than a code (that’s what you are after, I gather, the code is just an incentive towards that). Or am I missing something?