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  • 30 August 2023
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Hi Klaviyo Team,

I am encountering some challenges with setting up multiple flows for different sign-up forms that link to the same list, and I would appreciate your assistance in resolving this issue.


  1. I have two different sign-up forms:
    • One for a discount code
    • Another for a free PDF download
  2. Both of these forms link to the same list, which I've named "Newsletter."
  3. I have created separate flows for each form, using a filter based on $consent_form_id.


  • When a user subscribes to one of the forms, they receive the opt-in email, and upon confirmation, the corresponding flow (e.g., the discount code flow) is triggered. I also add a custom property to the subscriber profile at this point.
  • However, if the same user subscribes to the second form approximately 90 minutes later, the $consent_form_id updates, but the new flow is not triggered. The user does not receive the welcome message for the second form either.

Additional Information:

  • I have enabled double opt-in for both forms.
  • For testing purposes, I've set the smart sending period to one hour.

I've also noticed that the issue persists even if the user subscribes to the forms in a different order.

Any idea what I might be doing wrong or suggest a workaround for this issue?


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4 replies

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Hey @Toni,

I would suggest checking out the Community posts I linked below on this sort of behavior:

Essentially, which consent page is served depends on the audience you’re reaching out to. 



Hey @Spark Bridge Digital LLC @David To 

thanks a lot for your reply and your help. It took me some time to figure out some of the details, but this was definitely the clue to solve my problem. I know I have another issue that may not be related to this problem, but I'll try anyway. I have set up all the consent pages, such as the “settings page”, the “email unsubscribe page”, etc., and included a link in each email with {% unsubscribe 'click here' %}. However, the link does not direct to the pages I have set up, but to the default pages.

Many thanks to you.


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Hey @Toni,

The solution offered by @Spark Bridge Digital LLC would be the same suggestion I would give!

Just to add more context to her solution, the reason your second flow triggering is due to how list triggered flows behave. List and segment triggered flows only allow users to go through and receive the experience once - which is when they first join/added to the list or segment. 

Since both your flows were triggered by the same list, once the subscriber received one of the experience, they would be excluded from the second flow. Hence why Peyton (Spark Bridge Digital LLC) suggested using two segment triggered flows instead. This way, the subscriber would be added to two different segment group to trigger a corresponding flow associated with them. 

I hope this helps!


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Hey Toni,

You could swap the triggers for you flows to be segment based instead of metric based and adding in a new profile property for each form submission in the form settings. So, PDF having a property called - ‘PDF Form’ = ‘YES’ for example.

Your segment could be: Subscribed to List Newsletter AND Properties about someone ‘PDF Form’ = YES and $consent is set (or set to email).

And then creating another version for the discount one. That person can then technically join each segment and trigger each flow.