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  • 17 February 2021
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So I set up a welcome flow and my contacts receive an email right after they subscribe. The second email was scheduled to be 3 days later but I changed the time delay to 1 day after. 

All of a sudden, the contacts that were going through the flow aren’t receiving the second email. What should I do?


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Hi @damienlhk,

If the flow was updated after the flow had been set live, then this is considered expected behavior from the flow. If the flow was set live and profiles received the 1st email and then a change was made at a later time period or date where you decreased the delay between email 1 and email 2 to 1 day, some email addresses would have been ineligible to receive the 2nd email since that one day delay might have already passed which means they would have exited the flow but would not have exited if it remained at a 3 day time delay.

Not sure if you’ve seen this article from our Help Center yet (How Back-Populating Works in Klaviyo), but you could backpopulate your flow although with the time delay decrease, I’m not positive on how many people can be re-inserted into the flow. There is a section that refers to List-and Segment-Triggered Flows which is what would apply in this case since your Welcome flow is likely a list triggered flow.  

Since the time you updated the time delay, all net new customers should not be skipped from the second email but you’re right in that due to the change in time delay, there may be some customers who became ineligible to receive the 2nd email in that flow since one day had already passed by the time the flow was updated. Hope this provides some additional background.