Content Editor Slow in New Version?

  • 26 March 2023
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The content editor is moving very slow for me when scrolling up and down in the content editor today especially. It was already slower than the old interface but today it is unbearably slow. I have tried a different browser, rebooted, incognitor mode to no avail. All other aspects of Klaviyo seem to move fairly quickly but scrolling up and down to modify an old template is “slow as molasses”. Also trying to move blocks around doesn’t work as before because when you grab it and try to move it down the screen isn’t moving properly so I can place it where I want.


Is anyone else having these issues with the content editor specifically? All other aspects for me seem to much “snappier” but I can’t do this today and the status page doesn’t seem to indicate any issues.


Any feedback or help would be apprecaite.


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2 replies

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Seems as if it may have only been happening when trying to clone and modify an old email that is based on a design I created a while ago. When I just begrudigingly recreated the design from scratch it is working much better. Still won’t let me really drag an element from the top of the design all the way to the bottom like it used to in the old editor though. 

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Hey @kaniayubu 

Thank you so much for asking the community for help with this. Our product engineers are aware of these issues when converting classic editor templates into the new editor and are working to improve the experience as quickly as possible. I will update you in this thread as soon as there is a solution. I also shared your feedback with the product team in hopes that it will help guide their solution. Thanks again for bringing this topic to the surface again and helping us make the product better. We truly appreciate it!