Correcting Email Flow Sending Time

  • 31 August 2023
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Due to a configuration error, the second email in our flow was set to send 23 days after the first, instead of the intended 23 hours. I've corrected the timing, but over 1000 people are still queued to receive the delayed email.

Is there an alternative to manually cancelling each email in the queue?

I aim to:

  1. Bulk-cancel the emails scheduled for 23 days later, as they'll be outdated.
  2. If feasible, reschedule them for a 23-hour delay instead.

Any guidance would be appreciated.



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2 replies

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Hi @stam_marko thanks for posting in the Klaviyo Community.


There was a similar question posted a couple years ago, and the answer is still applicable to your case. This answer was given by @Bobi N. (another Klaviyo Champion). 

Ultimately the solution will depend on your end-goal but it is important to keep in mind that flow filters will apply at send time for each email in your flow. Therefore, regardless of their “waiting” status, when the email is due to send, the flow filter will apply. So when you add the filter (as long as it’s not added after the email is sent) the timing (before or after you add them to the list) will not be a factor.

The only way to cancel folks who are queued-up in the “waiting” status is to manually cancel recipients which I understand is not a feasible solution in your case due to the amount of recipients. However, if you change the flow email status to “manual”, when the email is due to send, it will place the user’s into a Needs Review status. Once a flow email is in this state, you can bulk send or cancel messages with the Send All and Cancel All buttons, respectively.




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Thank you @KatherineB, I couldn’t find that discussion.

Since the flow is new and no data were there yet, I decided to clone the email, set live the new cloned version, and delete the one with the 1000+ waiting profiles.

There were 20-30 profiles that got away from the flow, but I’ll live with that.

Thank you again :D