Countdown timer displaying wrong / different times for customers - how do I fix this?

  • 12 January 2022
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I currently use Sendtric for campaigns. However, customers have fed back saying that they are receiving different times when they open the email. All our customers should be based in the same timezone. I have set it to Europe/London because we are U.K. based. The counter is correct when I schedule the email.

Is this an issue other people have been experiencing? Is there a fix or reason for this problem?

Can you recommend some free alternatives we can try?


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3 replies

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Hi there @lex_zap,

Welcome to the Community! Thanks for posting your question here regarding a countdown timer.

Is your countdown set to go down continuously or is it set to count from an open/load of an email? This can result in two different outcomes so it is important to see which your campaign is set to. In our Help Center documentation How to Add a Countdown Timer to Your Emails and Signup Forms, we go over how to use a free Sendtric timer to set up a continuous timer. 

After completing some tests and following the instructions for a continuous timer, I found that this is working as expected when adding the URL to the source code within a text block. When using these as image blocks however, the countdown timer will not be exact and will function more similarly to a gif countdown timer. 
In my own account, I created a short countdown timer which has now hit zero and a second countdown timer set for three hours. To ensure that the timer counts down to 0, you would need to use the second functionality listed in the help doc, adding the timer to a text block's source code
Let me know if there is success after trying this step,


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Hi @alex.hong, I have just discovered there’s an iOS 15 update that’s affecting how timers are displayed on iPhone devices with this update. I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but wanted to pop you a quick reply just in case!

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Hi @lex_zap!
Thanks for the response and I appreciate the callout! We will make a note of this related to this post.

Have a good day!