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  • 30 October 2020
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I am creating a flow where I offer a free download of an e-book. How can I create a conditional split based on whether the viewer has clicked the download link or not? I want to send reminders to those that do not download after a few days.


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Hi @mattelustra

Thanks for asking your first question on the forum, and being a part of our Klaviyo Community! 

If you’re providing the email via downloadable link in an email, I would recommend adding a button that assigns a Link URL property to a profile when it is clicked. You can learn how to use buttons to collect information about your recipients here

With this option, you can redirect your audience to the URL where they download the ebook, then you have the conditional split check to see if the property you added for the button is added to their profile. You’ll need to have a time delay prior to the conditional split to give users the time to click/download the ebook.

Alternatively, you could use a conditional split where someone has done or not done >> has clicked email at least once in last x time where link equals “____". I would recommend going for the first option though, as that will be more accurate in telling you if someone has clicked a downloadable link. 


Hope that’s helpful, Matt! Have a great weekend,