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  • 8 June 2022
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Hello community.

How can I leave a Flow configured so that it sends as many times as necessary regardless of whether the email entered by the user is repeated?

I have a Klaviyo Signup Form inserted in my Shopify page, in order to attract potential customers, when testing with the same email I need the email to be sent again and again, as many times as necessary.

Can someone help me with this.

I understand that a custom metric can be created, but nothing more


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Hi @Nicolas Aguilera,

Thanks for sharing in the Community. 

Unfortunately, profiles cannot enter flows multiple times. The only exception to this is a metric based flow such as 'Placed Order'.  So, there is no way to have a profile perpetually going through the same flow. If you need to send multiple reminders in this form, I would recommend updating the original flow to have a new profile property added at the end, that then adds them into a new segment that will ONLY have profiles who have gone through the flow Seedling Cycle Reminder and have the added property from exiting the flow. You can then clone the flow and have the cloned flow trigger be the new segment you created. If you needed to have profiles go through multiple times you can set up multiple variations, A,B, C etc and clone the flow as much as needed. Adding different custom properties at the end of each to enter profiles into a new segment.

While I know this outcome may not be ideal, I did of course want to let you know a potential workaround. Linked below are some articles that i thought would be good resources to you for moving forward with flows and segmentation. 

How to Clone a Flow
About Using Event Variables to Personalize Flows
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Hope this helped,