Creating a flow for an Abandoned Checkout flow with a failed BNPL checkout trigger

  • 6 April 2022
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Hi team, I need to create an abandoned checkout flow with a failed BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) checkout. 

Here’s the scenario:
1. Customer comes in and goes to checkout with their preferred BNPL method (Klarna, Sezzle, and Afterpay)
2. They didn’t continue with the checkout.
3. They go through an abandoned checkout flow based on that.

E-Com platform is Woocommerce

I need to:
1. Add a custom property to the customer “[BNPL method] failed”
2. Do this by tracking customer with a “Pending Payment” status on Woocommerce and a payment method through BNPL

Really appreciate the help on this.


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Hi there @razzorax,

Welcome to the Community. 

Out of curiosity, is there a reason for a custom property tag that these users cannot enter a standard Abandoned Cart Flow with your WooCommerce integration?

Normally a Started Checkout event is sent to Klaviyo from the following process:

  1. Customer adds items to their cart.
  2. Customer starts checkout.
  3. After filling out their information, customer clicks the button at the bottom to move onto the payment screen.

So as long as you have properly setup those events and linked the two sites, it should be fine to proceed correct? The last step is extremely important. By clicking the button on the first checkout screen to move onto payment, they are submitting their information into WooCommerce which in turn is synced with Klaviyo.

A second follow up option, if no Started Checkout events are tracked after this update we'll want to look to for any plugins on your website. If any plugins contain the word "Cache"  in the name, try disabling those plugins and we can test again.

Our third option would be to double check any other 3rd party checkout tools like AfterPay which may be blocking klaviyo.js. You would want to also double check any of these apps to ensure they allow for the verification of our js. If you're unfamiliar with editing your them files we'd recommend reaching out you a web developer or your theme developer for assistance.


All the best,