Creating a List-Triggered Flow

  • 21 May 2021
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i created a flow and now i want to send it out to my list. how do i? im brand new to klaviyo and it is not allowing me to actually send the email out to my followers. what is going wrong? 


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3 replies

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Hi Zeph, what’s the trigger on the flow? Would you be able to send a screenshot of the first part of the flow?


Also, welcome to Klaviyo! :)  Curious, did you switch from another provider? 

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im quite happy with klaviyo thus far! thanks for the welcome. i just did 2 tutorials about setting it up and making a list. it seems pretty intuitive. i have done a little bit of mailchimp years ago but in no way do i have experience in email systems and marketing and flows. 


so i set up my first list of contacts and want to send a soft launch email to them. i got one email done and want to send it out immediately. then work on the rest of the flow to go out in a few days. i havent set up a trigger yet and didnt get any insight as to how to setup a trigger on the tutorial. i get what a trigger does… sets the flow in motion and “send” the emails. but i dont know where or how to get that to happen.

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Hey @zeph,

Welcome to Klaviyo! 

Since it sounds like you are setting up a list triggered flow; also known as a welcome series flow within Klaviyo, I would recommend taking a look at the Guide to Creating a List-Triggered Flow and Creating an Email Welcome Series articles if you havn’t already on how to set up this flow and its list trigger. 

I would also suggest taking a quick read through of the Community post that @Julie Hayes on this topic:

Because this is also a new flow, I would also recommend taking a look at some other articles that may prove helpful to you:

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