Creating a "non personalized" link to an email campaign

  • 11 December 2021
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Hello Klaviyo community,


I am trying to create a “non-personalized” link to a campaign that we recently sent out. The “web view” link seems to redirect to the login portal for Klaviyo, and the “view in your browser” link in the campaign has the unsubscribe option at the very bottom.

I really like the template created for the campaign in Klaviyo, and would like to use the same one as a link for ANY customer in the main header of our webpage to make them aware of the promotion. Is there a workaround?

Thank you

6 replies

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Hello @Aleks,

When adding the {% web_view %} tag into your emails, this would generate a publicly sharable URL of your campaign. One misunderstanding regarding this functionality though is that for it to be generated as a sharable link, the email must be sent out as a Live email version. If you are retrieving this URL from a preview of the email (either in app or sent to your inbox), the resulting URL would not be a sharable as it is simply a preview of the email version. 

I would recommend taking a look at the post created by @fcp2021 on this subject which i’ve included below:

Similar to what @retention had highlighted, to generate a sharable link of your campaign, I would suggest sending a Live copy of the email while including the {% web_view %} tag to your own email address either as a Campaign or as an individual email. When received, you can then retrieve the sharable link from the Live email sent to your own inbox.

Keep in mind though that that though this is a public page, those fields and variable tags would still be linked to recipient profile. This means that if you used any variable tags they would still be Live including the unsubscribe and manage preferences link. 

I hope this helps!


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Thank , I appreciate the reply.


Would it be possible to submit this as feedback for a future product release? A public link that can be sent with the latest offer to a “non subscriber” an option to “subscribe” instead of an “unsubscribe” at the bottom of the email for non personalized link.

We spend a lot of time creating the templates - having the ability to share them with everyone would be great.


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Hey @Aleks,

You bet! I love this suggest and will be sharing this feedback to our Product Team! I’ll update this post if I receive any more news or updates regarding such a feature!

Thanks for being a part of the Klaviyo Community!


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I’d just like to revive this topic to give a huge +1 to this feature — often stakeholders within companies aren’t involved in Klaviyo at all, so don’t have a login, but still want to see a live version of the email. A link to publically share an email template would be a huge plus for Klaviyo.

Same here, we would like to share our previous emails with non-customer stakeholders so this feature would be very useful.

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Hi there! I have been browsing the chats with this same question. I’d love to give a +1 on having this feature. Being able to share previous newsletters has been hugely helpful in getting more sign ups.