Creating Automatic Order Invoice Flow/Campaign

  • 8 September 2021
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Hi guys,

I’m pretty new on klaviyo and im starting to create my flow for an fullfilled order but i have a problem

I would like to create an automatic order invoice but don’t really know how to do it so please give me some advices ! :)




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Hi @Clément.schr ,


First of all, welcome to Klaviyo! Glad to hear you have created a flow and found everything smooth so far.


If you have an excel file containing a list of customer emails and the respective links to each customer's invoice then you can absolutely create an automatic order invoice.

To do this, you will want to upload this file as a CSV file to a new List within Klaviyo.  You will want to assign the respective invoice links as a custom profile property to each profile through this upload. So you'll want to create a CSV file that has the customer email address in the first column and the invoice links in a second column. You will map this secondary column to a new custom profile property at the time of upload. Make sure to follow syntax and formatting instructions properly so there are no errors!

You can then reference this custom profile property using a person lookup tag in the email template. When you send your campaign or flow email to your customers, that property tag will populate with the correct link for each customer based on their email address. For example, if your custom property was named Invoice Link, you could reference this within your email template in a text block (or button block using the Link URL) using the following tag: {{ person|lookup:'Invoice Link' }}

Hope this helps! Thanks for being part of the Community!