Creating dynamic flow based on specific category

  • 8 December 2021
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Hi guys, I’m trying to build a dynamic flow based on the category the user viewed and that will show the user only the products from the certain category he viewed. how can i do it? 


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Hey @Ravid 

Thank you so much for reaching out the the Klaviyo Community with this question. Happy to help!

There are two separate tasks you will want to accomplish to create a metric triggered flow using event variables to personalize this flow.  After you select to build a Metric Triggered flow you will be prompted to select the metric that will trigger the flow. Available metrics will vary from account to account and depend primarily on the integrations you are using and any custom metrics you have set up. 

You can add trigger and flow filters to further refine who is added to the flow — for example:

  • People who bought a specific product
  • People who are first-time customers (have never placed an order before)
  • People who bought a certain number of items
  • People who bought from a specific category/collection
  • People who spent a specific amount of money

Once you have your Flow trigger and filters set up, You will want to go it the email template you want to add dynamic event variables to. Once in the email template editor, click Preview on the left-hand side. You’ll see a popup saying, Choose a recent event to preview with. In the window, you will see a recent event that corresponds with the flow's trigger. For example, in an Abandoned Cart flow email, the preview window will show a recent Started Checkout event. If you want to look at the data for a different event, toggle left and right using the arrow buttons. To use event variables, you must copy them exactly. Event variables are case-sensitive, and the slightest deviation from how it appears in the preview window could cause the variable not to work.

Please read through the included articles as they will provide you with step-by-step instruction to fully implement this! Hope this helps, and thank you for being part of the Klaviyo Community!

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Hi @stephen.trumble

Thank you for your answer! but I wanted to do something a bit different, 

I want to create a flow which when user viewed X amount of product from the same category and didn’t purchase anything, an email will be sent to him with products from the same category he viewed dynamically. 

I know i can create it separately for each category but it is not possible because there are more than 200 categories on the website. 

so basically I’m trying to create a metric that will trigger this flow + dynamic content inside the email itself (I believe i should use the dynamic table?) 

Let me know if you need any more clarification about this,

and again. thank you for your time and help!