Creating post-purchase flow with order confirmation relative to shipment date

  • 18 July 2023
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I’m attempting to create a flow for my Shopify store where…

  • flow trigger = when someone has placed an order
  • first action = “thank you for your order” email which includes their order details
  • second action = if the customer’s shipment date is within 1 day, send customer “your order is shipping tomorrow” email

I’m struggling to figure out how to implement the second action because….for customer’s that do not have a shipment date within 1 day, I have to split them from the flow but cannot loop them back into the second action log.

Has anyone experienced this hurdle before? Is there a recommended method?


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Hi @momulch!

It’s true that you cannot re-direct customers back into the first leg of a flow after a conditional split. Therefore, if you want to replicate the action from the other side of the split (the customers that do have a shipment date < 1 day), you’d simply have to duplicate the next steps with a time delay in the new leg. Although this takes a little more time/effort, it ensures that each group remains split and allows you to have more control over the flow experience. 


Otherwise, you could create two separate flows. One flow that sends the first action (thank you email) after a customer places an order, and another, separate flow that sends the second action (“Your order is shipping tomorrow) a day before the customer’s shipping date. This way, you don’t have to worry about accounting for the discrepancies in shipping dates, and all customers will receive emails in accordance to their schedules.