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  • 20 March 2024
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Hi, how to start with the following:

  • Person ordered a product of category e.g. helmet
  • Person did not order accessory for it e.g. helmet bag

We want to send them a follow-up email.

The trigger (ordered product category x) and flow filter (did not order category y) is pretty clear I think?

But there are different brands of helmet in our offering and different bags that are suited to specific brands only. So I’m trying to find out how I can personalize the email subject and body and how to incorporate everything in the flow (e.g. split flow into brands or conditional blocks)

  1. We want to customize the subject of the mail: here is a bag for your [brand of helmet] helmet
  2. In the body we want to show only the bags that are fit for that helmet brand or even for that specific helmet. Is there a way to do this without having to create a new flow for each helmet?

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Hi @Stijn Meyvaert - glad to see you back in the community!


Yes, you’re on the right track with your plan for the flow trigger and flow filters.


When you’re trying to give brand-specific product recommendations like this, one of the best things you can do is give yourself the ability to add additional filters or conditional splits based on a product collection. That minimizes the amount of OR conditions you’re using, so the flow audience logic is more precise and reliable. 


  1. I recommend you create a collection in Shopify (or wherever your ecommerce store is hosted) that is specific to each brand of helmets and helmet bags. These don’t have to be publicly listed on your store - they’re built for the purpose of helping you more accurately reference product data in Klaviyo. 


  1. Then, you can create a Product Feed in Klaviyo that’s tied to one collection or another. That enables you to create product blocks in flow emails that will display the products in that Product Feed you created. You can repeat this as many times as needed, so each email shows the correct brand.
Where to create a product feed in Klaviyo > the Products section under Content


  1. Next, there are a couple different ways to ensure the right email goes to the right person.

    The simplest method is to create a conditional split (or several) so you can group people by brand purchased. The slightly more complicated method is to have one email hold multiple versions of the product block and use a Show/Hide condition based on the item (one helmet brand) someone purchased to display the product block that’s tied to the matching product collection (the same brand’s helmet bag”. 
    Show/Hide logic settings

    There is an alternate path where you could leverage custom profile properties to identify the brand of helmet and helmet bag, and segment people based on this, but that requires a little more initial setup. If you’re curious, I could share more info on how that might work…