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  • 30 June 2021
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Hi great people,


I have added custom properties to my flow (if a customer mentions that (s)he is interested in product A vs B welcome flow’s 2nd email is triggered accordingly). Now the customer has option to choose multiple options to choose at the same time, but I want to trigger emails for only product A.


While doing so, if the customer chooses only product A in the interest fields, my flow works fine but when the customer chooses A&B, flow doesn’t trigger. I have tried multiple options like “contains”, “is in”, “starts with” but nothing seems to work :(

Any solutions for this?




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Hi @Spectrum Educational Supplies,

Thanks for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community.

It sounds like you are looking to send a specific flow email if either the customer choose product A or product A + B but not product B.

If that is correct, you’ll want to use two conditional splits in your flow. The first specifying product A AND product B followed by the flow email. Then under the “No” path for the first conditional split, include another conditional split that specifies product A AND NOT Product B. Using the “AND” separator will require that meet all criteria separated by AND. Meaning, for the first conditional split it requires that the user selects both options for product A and product B. For the second conditional split, it means they must select product A and not product B. Therefore, if they select product A or product A + B they will get a flow email, if they only select product B, they will exit the flow.


Thanks and have a great day.

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Thanks @dov.derin . This is helpful but I have more than 5 products to choose from, but i get the way this needs to be done. Appreciate your response.