Custom property changing back after it has been updated

  • 21 February 2024
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We are using a custom property to put a profile into a segment which is then the trigger for a flow where customers get an email to welcome them to our private buyers program. However I am having an issue where profiles keep getting kicked out of the segment.


Full story is the submit a form to be accepted into a private buyers program (PBP), at that point they are allocated a custom property ‘PBP Status’ equals ‘Pending’. If they fill particular requirements they will have that property updated to ‘Accepted’ so ‘PBP Status’ equal Accepted.

Once accepted they then fall into a segment ‘PBP Members’

However, we are having issues where people keep ‘falling out’ of the segment and their PBP status is being set back to pending (the only place this should be set is when they fill out the original subscription form).

Can someone help me figure out how to stop this happening?

2 replies

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Hi @Nicole_b


Welcome to the Community! Happy to help out here! 


Is it possible that your private buyers are finding the form and filling it out again? If a user fills out the form again, this property will be replaced from the uploaded ‘accepted’ value and replace it will ‘pending’! 


When a user originally fills out the form, are they sent an email letting them know that their submission was received and is being reviewed? 


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Hi Taylor,

I think its unlikely as the profile example I’m looking at filled the form on Feb 13th 2023 and was accepted and received a welcome to the program email March 7th 2023. On Wednesday 21st I updated her PBP status to accepted and today it has already been moved back to pending

So it is definitely getting changed back