Customer does not continue flow after confirmation

  • 24 June 2022
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I have created a flow that is triggered when a member is part of a segment. Checking the preview of the rule correctly tells me that 2 members are qualified for the flow. But when a new member is joined, nothing is done. I show detailed video to show this problem, hope someone help me.


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3 replies

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Thanks for your reply, Alex. My issue is with brand-new opt-ins. The email address gets added to the appropriate list, but no email is sent.

UPDATE: I created a new email address and opted in with it. I did not receive a welcome email. I checked the metrics, and it says “Bounced Email via Klaviyo.” I don’t understand why this email would bounce — I have sent a message to it from another address, and it works fine.

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Hey there @Raspada and @KevvieD,

Thanks for sharing to the Community.

One thing I would check is when the Flow was set to live and when these contacts were put into the list/flow relative to when they activated their flows. Flows are not retroactive. So unless the flow was already Live when these profiles qualified, the flow would not be served to these members.

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I’m having the same issue. When someone opts in, their email address is added to the appropriate list, but no email is ever sent to them.

Initially, when someone opted in, the “Confirm Your Subscription” email was sent. Person would confirm, and no further emails in the flow were sent. Now that I’ve switched the preferences so there is no confirmation, there is simply no email sent at all.

I switched off “Smart Sending,” but this does not change anything.

Because I’m not a paid member, I can’t get a live help from an agent. The automated chat is no help.