Customer Personalization by gender

  • 2 February 2022
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I want to address our customers according to their gender:

Our customers are sorted by gender (we are using the Shopify App Customer Gender), so every customer in Shopify is linked to a female or male tag. What do we need to do that we can address women and men with a different salutation?

Dear (Mr. or Mrs. - depending on male or female tag) {{ last_name|default:'friend' }}

Example if a customer has the male tag: Dear Mr. xy
If a customer has a female tag: Dear Mrs. xy

Thanks in advance!


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Hi @Sandrine,

Thank you for sharing this question with us.

I recommend reviewing @retention’s awesome reply in the thread below which explains how to use conditional logic in Klaviyo to hide or show a certain portion of text

In short, you’ll write a short conditional statement using if/else logic to display the correct variable depending on gender. Just ensure that you have the values of Mr and Mrs already in Klaviyo, which is needed in order for this to work.