Customers not Receiving Abandoned cart emails.

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Hi there,


I have two folks in Shopify who started check out and then abandoned cart and did not receive our abandoned cart email flow and for the life of me, I can’t figure out why!! Anyone every run into this? The only filters I have set up are that they don’t purchase anything after starting checkout and that they live in the United States…


Thanks in advance!




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Hi @Maggie!


There’s a few reasons why this might happen, so here’s a couple of threads that articulate some of these potential causes:


Here’s a summary of the points mentioned in these threads:


I think a good place to start would be to rule these out one-by-one, since it will be difficult to diagnose without further information.


I hope this helps get you started, and thanks for using the Community!
- Brian

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Hi Brian,


Thanks for the response. I have ruled out the following:

  • Not properly configured - this flow is live and others have received it
  • Cookies and new user - One of the two signed up and received our newsletter
  • shopify integration re-added - my business partner simulated an abandoned cart today and she was sent the email today
  • The flow emails not set to live - see above. And, I re-checked, smart sending is not enabled.

Any other ideas?


Thanks again, Brian! Hopefully you can help me get to the bottom of it. 


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Hi @Maggie ,

Can you send a screenshot of a profile activity who should have received the abandoned cart? Want to make sure the checkout started event is fired AND that no email is sent.



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Sure thing!


Here’s one:


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And the other:


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Thanks @Maggie ,

Looks like there might be something in the recipient activity that will help us figure out what exactly is going on. Can you go to your abandoned cart email flow and see the recipient activity. Are the any emails that are being shown as skipped with specifics as to why. It should look like this as part of the interface.


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yeah, I already looked there. The only folks skipped are people who actually checked out:

nothing from the dates they shopped.

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@Maggie ,

In the case of abandoned cart flows, you're going to see that people often get skipped for failing the flow filter, which is a good thing! ​It's a good thing because they did place an order since starting the flow and that's what you want to see. 

Since your abandoned cart flows have the flow filter "Placed Order zero times since starting this flow", it's going to check someone's profile before each step in the flow to see if they meet that condition or not. If someone fails the flow filter because they have placed an order since starting this flow, they will be skipped for any subsequent email. 

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yes, I am aware how the filtering process works. I just mentioned those others that are in there to show that the two who got missed, are NOT. Any other ideas based on the screen shots I sent last week?

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They put stuff in their cart, they live in the states and they did not purchase anything since… they should have received an email. Unless I’m missing something….

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Here’s another person who has started checkout and did not receive the abandoned cart email:


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@Maggie it’s likely the smart sending toggle that’s causing this if everything else is working ok and I’m understanding you correctly. Is this highlighted bit green on your email? If this is the issue, they would have received the welcome series and then got caught in the smart sending filter (usually 16 hours) that stops people from receiving multiple emails in that window. 

Usually, I turn this off for all flows and keep it on for campaigns. The other option is that Klaviyo doesn’t recognise that the profile is in the United States, sometimes locations are not tracked.



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Hey @Maggie 

Jumping in here to try to help solve this issue. There are a couple more ideas I have.

First, have you tried back populating the flow? Metric-triggered flows only back-populate relative to when someone performed the action that should have triggered the flow. Doing so may push their profile through the flow.

Second, do you have Smart Sending turned on for this flow? This is probably not the case since you've already determined that the profile did not enter the flow at all, but thought I would ask just in case.

Hope this helps you dig a little deeper!

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@matthewstuckings  and  @stephen.trumble   the smart send is not turned on.


@stephen.trumble I will try back populating if this happens again. We did send an abandoned cart email through Shopify so I won’t want to double-up on the same message.


I guess I’ll just keep an eye on this and see if it persists. Should I reach out on this thread if it does? Not a big community contributor so not sure how it works. :)


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@Maggie in that case I’d reach out to Klaviyo support. :)

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haha I’ll need to upgrade for that. but thanks for all of your support and ideas! :)

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@alex.hong , @matthewstuckings , @stephen.trumble 


I created an abandon cart event and it worked for me and now, I’ve had two more people not get an abandon cart email.

Is there no other way to resolve this than to get a paid account?




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@Maggie I think your automated flows work regardless of your account plan?

Perhaps share a screenshot of the flow structure so we can see rules and filters. Sometimes it’s just something switched on or off that shouldn’t be.

Another thing to check is your ‘Smart Sending Period’ settings -- (click account section at bottom left of your Klaviyo account > Settings > Email).

Then you can unselect or adjust: ‘Skip recipients that have received an email in the last (insert # of  hours)’.

Smart sending prevents your recipients from receiving too many messages but are a case by case thing so handy to know about and play with.

Please note I’m on a paid plan, so just presuming free plans have the smart sending period customisation as well.

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Hi @worcestershiresauce Thanks so much. yeah, my only reason for mentioning that I’m on a free account was because I can’t get support… 

I have already looked into whether smart sending is interfering but I appreciate the suggest.