Customers on the waiting list doesn't look right. Why? (first time bounce back comeback flow)

  • 26 October 2022
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I created the flow(and the email template) for the first time!!

However, I couldn’t find out why the customers on the waiting list in the flow are the ones who placed order for the “second time”, even though I have set the “Has placed order equals 1 over all time” in the conditional split.

I want the email to be sent to the customers who orderd for the first time.

How can I change the settings?

Thank you for you help in advance.


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Hi @kana,

Thank you for sharing this question with us.

Did you happen to add in the conditional split after you inserted the email and set it live? If so, users may have queued up for the email before the conditional split was able to filter them out.

In any case, I recommend adding an additional filter to the email “what somebody has done > placed order equals 1 over all time” in place of the conditional split. That way, the user will be evaluated at the email-level rather than at the split. The advantage of using a filter is that it’s not dependent on the timing of when they enter the flow. The additional filter will evaluate the user right before the email is due to send, so you will still be able to prevent multi-purchase users from getting this email.

I hope that helps.