Daily emails: campaigns or flow?

  • 6 April 2022
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Hello and thank you all in advance for any/all help!

Our brand is actively planning “daily deal” emails. These emails would send at the same time every day, and use the same template and link to the same location on our website (though the item at that landing page will change daily). The initial discussion was to create a separate campaign for each email, and while a different campaign each day would be doable with some planning, I was hoping some experienced minds (I’m still fairly new to email marketing) could provide alternatives that would be more efficient.

Would a flow be doable option for this endeavor? If so, are there best practices or recommendations for how to set up this kind of flow?

Many thanks!


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Hi @CraftyOne,

Thanks for sharing this question with us.

I think the answer here boils down to a balance between flexibility and automation.

By flexibility, I’m referring to specifically to flexibility of your sending audience. While it’s an inherently manual process, sending a campaign gives you the most flexibility to change audiences from campaign-to-campaign at will (sending to a specific list, segment, both or multiples of both). You can easily save your campaign email as a template and repeat the process for the next day. You can even schedule campaigns well in advance and get multiple campaigns queued up for sending.

A flow is an option, but you’d have to be ok with sending daily-deal emails to a “fixed” group of people. This will be the group that triggers your flow i.e. one specific list or one specific segment or a specific event like when someone places an order. Once you’ve established the trigger, you can set up recurring emails in your flow. This would be done by setting up an initial email, adding a time delay to your flow, cloning the initial email, adding another time delay after the cloned email, and repeat this pattern for as many emails as you desire. So the flow would look something like this:


This method will likely require you to re-visit the flow to add more emails since once a user finishes the last email in the flow, they exit for good. Generally, flows are better used when you have a fixed number of emails you want to send out. 

I hope this information helps guide your decision. Thanks for being a member of our community!

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Thank you so much @Dov! That’s just the answer I was looking for.