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  • 8 March 2023
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Hei guys I m getting really crazy about something that in Klavyio should be super easy. Hope you can help. 

So I have patient profiles with custom properties as: 

  • Giorno Visita: is a date format - day in which the patient should meet the doctor 
  • Slot Visita: is a text value - the time of the day in which the patient should meet the doctor


I want to send 1 day before a notification to the patient in which i want to remember him about the visit of the day after. 

So i created a flow, build over a Date property. Here you can see. 

Unfortunatelly, I can’t see scheduled email that should be sent to this patient. 

P.s. at one point it was recognizing the date and it was written that was in program only one email.


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Hi @Gb1996, welcome to the community.

Dates and date format can sometimes be tricky. 

A few things to consider:

  • Make sure the Date Format you store in the Custom Property is in the format that Klaviyo understands.  You can see documentation about it here: Acceptable date and timestamp formats for profile and event properties
  • Sometimes when you insert a “Date” into a Custom Property its interpreted as a “String” so make sure it’s formatted consistently to be recognized as a Date.
  • This one is silly, but I’ve seen some Dates accidentally hard-coded to a specific Year, or the year isn’t passed in (e.g. Birthdays where they don’t ask for the Year).  Make sure to fully qualify the date with a Year or adjust the Year for the correct Year.  

If you need a refresher on date triggered Flows, here’s the reference here (just in case):
How to create a date property-triggered flow

Hope these help!

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Just to add more info about Joe’s (@retention) third point. Because you set up the flow to Should Never Repeat then this flow will only work for people who match the whole date property meaning day, month and year. So if the year is not 2023 this flow won’t trigger to people.

Here is that point explained in the article that Joe linked:

Choose how often the flow will repeat

The final step to setting up a date-based flow is to choose how often the flow should repeat:

  • Monthly
    Recipients will qualify to enter this flow on a monthly recurring basis on the same day each month; for example, a monthly subscription reminder series. Note that if you schedule this on the 31st, it will automatically pick up on the last day of the month for any month that has fewer than 31 days.
  • Yearly
    Recipients will qualify to enter this flow on a yearly recurring basis on the same month/day; for example, a yearly anniversary or birthday series.
  • Should not repeat
    Recipients will qualify to enter this flow only once when the full date matches (day, month, and year); for example, a wedding or pregnancy due date.

So if your date property has different year that is not for this year or any year in the future then I would suggest you set the flow to repeat yearly and then conditional split before first email that will check if people received the first email in this flow before. If they did you can just end the flow and set them to go to a path of the split that doesn’t have emails, and those that haven’t received it before can just continue forward with the flow as usual



I have a custom property for ‘subscription end date’ in my user profiles. I want to create a flow that sends an email 1 day before the end of the subscription, 


However, I’m running into a problem because Klayvio does not recognize ‘subscription end date’ as a date, but rather, a string. 

Once a property is established, is there a way to transition it to a different type?

Thank you!


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Hey @k8s 

Thanks for following up to this thread with your challenge. Hope I can help!

Once a property is established, there is no way to change the “type” of property (i.e. string > date). However, it is possible to contact our support team (who has access directly into your account) so they can purge the existing profile property, Then you can use a CSV file to upload of the correct property and make sure it is mapped as the data type “date” so it can be used in the case you mentioned. Please be mindful that ALL data for the date based property must be formatted correctly in order for it to work. Even is 1 entry is off, the date based property will not work.

Hope this helps!