Delivered Shipment Email in Klaviyo

  • 2 October 2023
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Correct me if I am wrong- we cannot send Delivered shipment emails through Klaviyo? 

But in my Klaviyo metrics I can see a “Delivered Shipment” Metric coming in from shopify. 


So, is this a new feature or Delivered shipment means something else or can it not be used to send out emails when the product is delivered? 


Also, I use ship station...any reccomendation on what’s the best way to send a Delivery Confirmation email?


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Hi @rohan12334

So Klaviyo can definitely send “Delivered Shipments” emails or notifications so long as the data for when shipping is delivered is passed into Klaviyo.  Your screenshot is exactly how to do it!

There are many fantastic 3rd party apps that put this information into Klaviyo.  A few notable ones are Wonderment, AfterShip, and Malomo, but you can find many more in the Integration Directory.

As for Shopify, they do have a native Shipping Delivery event now with Klaviyo - but only for the supported carriers that Shopify supports natively.  If you use any other carriers, or you have international shipping, you may want to use one of those apps above as they cover more carriers.

If you’re using ShipStation, you can see which events/data they pass into Klaviyo here:

It doesn’t look like the delivery notification is one of the metrics that integrates natively with Klaviyo, but if you are also on Shopify and use one of the supported carriers, the Shopify metric may still work since ShipStation syncs the tracking number to Shopify.  

If you are testing this out, just set your Flow to “Manual” and see if any customers end up going through the Flow and inspect the email if it has all the values/variables you need (e.g. Tracking number, link to Tracking page, etc).

Let us know how it works out!



Joseph Hsieh // // twitter: @retenion 

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Thank you for your reply @retention 

We use USPS, so the “Delivered Shipments” for the products is coming from there, possibly? 


I will implement it and update you here!

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I am trying to se this up but the email template shows it has tag errors and I am unable to fix those. any help is appreciated,

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Hi All - I am receiving the below message when I try to create a shipment delivered flow in Klaviyo. We haven’t started shipping product yet, but would like to set up this flow before we start allowing orders. Could you please advise?

"We have not yet received any Delivered Shipment events from Shopify. If you think there might be a problem, contact our Success Team."