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  • 1 February 2024
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I have a series of emails which reward a discount code when a certain spend limit is reached. The codes are valid for 90 days. I would like to send people who haven’t used the code a reminder that it is expiring soon. Is there a way to do this using a conditional split? Just filtering on whether an order has been placed won’t necessarily work here, as our order frequency is less than 90 days, and someone may have simply forgotten to use the coupon.


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3 replies

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Hi @Bonza Dog Treats 

I’m making assumptions here:

  1. You are using a dynamic code, unique to each customer that expires 90 days after sending
  2. When they qualify for the code based on spend, it triggers a flow that sends an email with that dynamic code

If that’s all true, then you just need to add as many flow emails as you want between the initial discount send and 90-days. Then  add a flow filter of ‘What someone has done (or not done)’ is  ‘ordered zero times since starting this flow’ anyone who doesn’t qualify will get skipped from those emails ie if they’ve placed an order once they’re in the flow, they’re skipped.

If you want to filter further to remind customers who have placed an order and have NOT used the code, your unique code needs to have a static pre-fix eg VIP-. Then add an additional condition to that flow filter where discount codes contains VIP-. Anyone who hasn’t redeemed the code, even if they’re purchased within 90-days, will get the emails.

Hope that helps but if I’ve misunderstood your use case, please let me know.



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Yes your assumptions about the flow and the dynamic codes are correct. However, we can’t assume that people who have placed an order used the code, because some forget, so a flow filter which restricts to those who have placed zero orders won’t catch everyone.

The coupons do actually all have a prefix, but I’m not sure if I’ve constructed the condition correctly - will this do what I’m wanting?

Appreciate your help.


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Hey @Bonza Dog Treats 

Sorry for the delay on your follow up. However, your setup looks good to me! This should give you a path for everyone who has not placed an order yet OR hasn’t used the coupon code containing “RE”. 

Thanks again for being part of the Klaviyo Community!