Display localized values based on country in a transactional mail

  • 6 March 2024
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I'm trying to create conditional logic in a flow in Klaviyo. The result of the conditional logic should be that a translated value, which differs from the original, should be displayed. The localized value displayed depends on either the profile country value:

person.Country == “Germany”

or the country code in the Placed Order event info:

{{ event.ShippingAddress.CountryCode|default:'' }}

Different country/country code values should render different size localizations.

A customer places an order for a pair of shoes in our webshop and a Placed Order event is sent to Klaviyo.
The product size in the event data comes from a default size chart, but we want to display a localized size in the transactional flows for the customer.
A placed order event with the country code GB should render UK sizes, and country code US should render US sizes. All others render EU sizes. The original size in the event field

{{ event.Items.0.Size|default:'' }}

is US Men's. The translation of values should follow this table:

Original value EU UK US/USL
US 4 36 3 4 / L5.5
US 4.5 36,5 3.5 4.5 / L6
US 5 37 4 5 / L6.5
US 5.5 37,5 4.5 5.5 / L7
US 6 38 5 6 / L7.5


So a shopper from Sweden purchasing a product with Size value “US 4” will see size value “36” in their transactional emails.

Any idea if/how this could be done?

We have a plugin integration to Klaviyo from Centra, and are not able to affect the event values being sent to Klaviyo. Centra do offer size localization for Rule, but as of yet not for Klaviyo. So I was hoping to solve this myself.

Chat GTP suggested to create a Javascript, but Klaviyo does not accept Javascripts in emails due to risk of failed delivery.

Thankful for your thoughts!

2 replies

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Hey @PeterSandblad 

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

I am reaching out to our flows team on how to best help you. With this being a size guide, I just need some additional insight before I can provide a solution. 


I just received news that Centra’s devs will be adding thee localized size value to the event data, so I’m expecting to have this solved within a month. Case closed. Thanks!