Displaying Dynamic Data for Non-Metric Triggered Flow

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Hi there! I’m having an issue with a saved block. I saved a block from a Klaviyo flow template that would recall a persons last order to allow for easy reorder. I took it from a replenishment reminder template, and the flow I’m creating is also a replenishment reminder, but I wanted it to go into a fully designed template (hence saving it as a block). The issue is that when I preview this block in Klaviyo’s pre-designed flow template it shows me the persons last order. When I try it on the flow that I created, it shows up blank. I can’t understand why this is happening as it is literally exactly the same. Please help!


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Hello @nothinglearned,

Thanks for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community!

For your customized replenishment email which you are applying this saved block to, can you confirm if you are actually previewing this email within a flow triggered by the Placed Order event? If you were previewing this customized email as an email template, since the email template is unable to reference any event data, the dynamic syntax used to populate the table block would be unable to pull in any data. This will result in the dynamic table block being blank. To preview this email, I would recommend ensuring that the email is housed in a flow being triggered by the Placed Order event which is passing the specific dynamic syntaxes you are referencing. You can learn more on how to use Klaviyo’s Preview feature from the How to Insert Preview Text into an Email article. 

Another common occurrence is if you’ve previously switched ecommerce integration. If you’ve recently switched integrations, you may have two different Placed Order events within your Klaviyo account. This is because Klaviyo will not erase the data that has already been shared and synced to Klaviyo. This may cause some confusion when building when creating your own flow while selecting the Placed Order metric. I would recommend ensuring that the flow you are building is using the same Placed Order metric that the replenishment flow you saved the dynamic table block from are the same.

I would also recommend taking a look at the following resources Klaviyo offers that may prove helpful to you:

Hope this helps!



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Hi David! 

I actually realized it’s from a reorder template, not the replenishment reminder template. The trigger for the event is not Placed Order event, and is instead Expected Date of Next Order. I wanted to send an easy reorder a few days after a customers expected date of next order to encourage purchasing again. Is there any way to do this?


Thanks so much!



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Hi Nina,

Thank you for your reply.

@nothinglearned, in order to dynamically display data in flow emails in general, there must be a metric triggering that flow. The event data contained in the metric (i.e. Placed Order) is what Klaviyo uses to render all of the information pertaining to the order (item name, price, image etc.). Therefore, using Expected Date of Next Order or any non-metric trigger for that matter, wouldn’t allow you to display information about the user’s specific last order. For more information on using this type of data in your metric-triggered flows, I recommend checking out our article Using Event Variables to Personalize Flows.

You can still use Expected Date of Next Order as the trigger, just omitting the specific order information. Putting in a more generic note and using a product block with recommended items would be a great alternative.

Thanks and have a great rest of your day.

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Thank you! This was very helpful.