Does anyone know how to distinguish preview emails after they are sent?

  • 20 February 2024
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We have some links that send events back to Klaviyo that trigger new emails to be sent. When we send a preview email through klaviyo, the placeholders and filled in and the links are technically live meaning if someone accidentally clicked a link in a preview email, it would have consequences for the real person who’s test event was used to send the preview. 

Is there a way to distinguish whether an email was sent as a preview or to a real person as part of a flow/campaign so that we can disable the links for the previews but have them live in the real emails? Any placeholders that are replaced differently etc?


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4 replies

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HI @dkjonzy,  in your Klaviyo settings you can set preview emails to come with a specific subject line (aka Preview: your subject) and this would enable you to know which emails are coming through as previews. 


Go to settings → Email → Sender preferences and under Preview Emails Subject Prefix you can put whatever you’d like to differentiate your preview emails. Hope this helps,



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@KatherineB That is helpful. Unfortunately I don’t think I can access subject text inside the email so I can’t disable the links. Is there anything in the email body (some dynamic field or something) that we can use.

Something like {% if is_preview %} or {% if email.recipient = %} ??

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I’m going to ask some of the other Champions here for input as I’m not sure of the answer. @In the Inbox @chelsgrove @retention @Bobi N. @Gabriel L. @Omar 

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I was thinking about this again today. The places something like this happens right now are tags like {% unsubscribe %}, {% web_preview %} or {% coupon_code %} where the replaced value is different in a preview than in a real email. Which is necessary because you don’t want someone unsubscribing a customer accidentally when previewing an email.


We basically would like to use the same functionality for some links that we embed in emails. Is there a way to expose that logic? If not I might try to hack something together using coupon_codes (maybe using the fact that preview codes have “PREVIEW” in them)