Dropdown "Item" doesn't reflect on Trigger Split Configuration

  • 16 November 2022
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Hi , I wanted to create a flow for specific product purchased on Shopify.

Here’s the link of the guide:

but upon configuration process the dropdown only shows “$value”  how can i add “Item” on the drop-down menu?




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Hi there @PHRSupport ,

Welcome to the Community. 

Can you confirm that the trigger split for your started checkout / placed order is set up correctly? If you try to type Item in the selection, can it populate with a replacement? Please note that in order for Items to appear from the dropdown menu they must be published on your site. If you have not received any event for the Placed Order Metric and so you can't use any other trigger filter. As a workaround I would suggest you place a test order and as soon as we will receive this event you will have more option in your trigger including Items: 


In the dropdown of the Dimension Value you will not see at first every products you have i​n your catalog, the reason you will not seeing this product in the list of available options is the same, it hasn't been purchased yet, however there is a workaround for this, copy the name of the product as it appears in your store exactly (including capitalization, spacing, and punctuation) and place it in the Dimension value field, as soon as the event will be trigger the filter will work as expected.


Hi, Thanks for your insightful response here’s my flow could you check it out?


I haven’t make an actual purchase on my store yet, but I made a test purchase. 

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Hi @PHRSupport ,

To solve this issue, there will need to be an order (real or test) placed within your Shopify store. Once this Placed Order event occurs and appears within Klaviyo, the Flow will use the properties from this event to populate the dropdown with 'Items' and other fields that you will be able to use within the Flow.

You can also check your metrics section and look for placed order values to come in. Can you confirm there was a successful test order made?