Duplicating Welcome Series sending off

  • 2 January 2024
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Hi all! Looking for some help with our Welcome Series.


We have our sign-up set up so that new customers can select three different ages, and then the Welcome Series flow they receive is based off of the ages they are looking to purchase for. Therefore, we have 3 current Welcome Series (Baby, Toddler, and Elementary age). If a customer selects all 3 (or even 2) of the ages, they receive the Welcome Series in both age groups, and therefore are placed in 2+ Welcome Series flows and receive duplicates of everything. 


I’ve tried adding a flow condition of “What someone has or has not done” → “Received Email” → Flow → Welcome Series Baby → Zero Times over all time, and then duplicated the condition again to take out the elementary age flow if the flow is meant for toddlers. I’ve repeated this and so forth to each of our designated flows, but am getting no luck. 


Is there another way to ensure one person doesn’t get added to all of our other Welcome Series flows? Am I missing something / have the wrong conditions set in each flow? 


Any and all help is much appreciated! Thank you!! 


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Hi @Cheyy 

Thank you for your question and welcome to the Klaviyo community!

In addition to your original questions and hope to finding a solution, are you still wanting customers to select multiple age groups in your signup form? So belong to multiple lists but receive one welcome email?

I look forward to hearing from you


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Hi Kylie! Thank you for reaching out. We are still wanting to have the option available so that we can get the data of who is shopping for what age. But if there isn’t a way to not shoot off all the different welcome series flows and choose multiple ages, we could consider only allowing one age to be selected. 


You have the right idea though that we would love to have them belong to multiple lists, but only receive one of the Welcome Series emails. 

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Hi @Cheyy 

Ok great! Just wanted to make sure before I provide some guidance.

So I think the best way to do this is to add some Flow Conditions to the Welcomes Series (all of them) where you nominate what Lists they belong too and make a 4th one.

You mentioned you had 3 so please bear with me and my examples, for my 3 Lists I am using Test, Newsletter and Preview, just to demonstrate what you’ll need to do.

So in the example of the Test List and it’s flow I would add a condition like this:

I would then repeat this for the Preview List and Flow and Newsletter too, where the condition is that the customer is in the Preview List and NOT in the Test and Newsletter list and so forth.

Then you will need to make a 4th one that captures a combination of the flows/lists. This would be done by doing some OR and AND conditions, ie; Customer is in Preview AND Newsletter or customer is in Test AND Newsletter etc

In summary; you are saying:

  • Test List/Flow - only send to customers who are ONLY in this List
  • Preview List/Flow - only send to customers who are ONLY in this List
  • Newsletter List/Flow - only send to customers who are ONLY in this List
  • 4th new List/Flow - send to customers who are in a combination

The other option - you can stagger your send times for the flows ie; by an hour of each other and have a condition on the Flows that say if customer have received Campaign Name XXX then do not send. And you would add this to each Flow to ensure that if the Customer received an email for Newsletter list, they do not get the Preview one.
This maybe an easier solution but does mean changing your send times. 

I hope this helps!



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Awesome! We will give this a go and see what happens. Thank you! 😊