Dynamic code has been used without opening email?

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Hi, bit of a confusing question.

I have a replenishment flow set up with a dynamic discount code.

I received an order that used one of the dynamic codes but looking at the customers profile events, it shows that they received this email but they never clicked on it. I’m wondering how the customer would have used the code if they never clicked on the email? The flow also shows as having no revenue gained?

Can someone explain how this has happened?


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Hi @topgummy 

For revenue to be attributed to an email within a campaign or flow, the order must be placed within 5 days (the default attribution window) after either opening or clicking on that email.

From what you describe it sounds like the contact received the email with the discount code and has automatic download of images disabled, so no open flag. They then copied the code and visited your site without clicking a link in the email.

Hope that helps


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Hello @topgummy 

The flow will only show revenue gained when an clicks/open is tracked on an email. 

My assumption is that in your case, the images didn’t load for the customer and the open was not tracked. This way the customer got the dynamic code and used it on the website and nothing was tracked in Klaviyo.


This usually happens with business customers who uses email clients like Outlook.


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Ah I see, rather annoying as this effects the analytics of the flow. 

@Maxbuzz @bluesnapper Is this just an inevitable situation or can it be bypassed in any way? 

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Hi @topgummy 

Sorry, it’s not possible to circumvent the way attribution works. A hidden tracking pixel in the email must be downloaded to record when it’s been opened and if images are disabled the pixel won’t fire.

Something else to mention. If the recipient receives other emails from a different flow or campaign and then purchase, the last email they opened/clicked will get the credit if it’s within the 5-day attribution window.