Dynamic coupon in windback flow (can see received multiple times by same user)

  • 4 February 2022
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Hi everyone, 

We’re looking to create various retention flows based on the number of orders a customer has placed. The last flow would be triggered when some places their third (or 4th/5th,...) order meaning that they might flow through the flow multiple times later down the line if they re-purchased. 

We were hoping to use dynamic coupons rather than static ones but I’ve been told that if the same customer flows through the flow multiple times they’ll be served the ‘same’ dynamic coupon combination. 

Is there a way around this? :) 



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Hello @rvmc2022,

Great strategy to build retention and get your customers to repurchase from you again!

Although there are instances when the same dynamic/unique coupon code issued in a different flow or email can reissued again, this only occurs if the coupon code has not expired and your subsequent email is using the same coupon variable. I’ve previously mentioned this in a Community post which i’ve included below:

This point is also called out in the Using Your Coupon in a Flow Email subsection of our  Dynamic Klaviyo coupons for Shopify Help Center article:

Any flow that contains a coupon that does not expire will send the same code to a customer each time they enter the flow path. If you expect a customer to navigate through a flow multiple times, you may want to use a coupon that expires so that each time they enter the flow, they receive a new code.

Reusing the same coupon code in a different email allows you to create reminder emails informing your recipients of the available discount. 

This means that so long as you are creating and using a different dynamic coupon code or the first issued discount has already been set to expire, the same previously issued discount code would not be re-issued again.

In addition, if you were creating flows or flow branches based on the number of orders a customer has purchased, I wouldn’t suspect they would go down the same flow or flow branch multiple times. For example, if someone purchased 3 times and goes through the flow experience equivalent of this; if they then proceed to make a subsequent purchase a week later for a total of 4 orders overall time, I wouldn’t expect this user to go down the same 3 order purchase flow experience again. Instead, I would expect this user to be going down the 3 order experience and the 4 order experience with each flow serving a different discount code. 

I hope this helps!


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Hey @David To 


Thanks a lot for your answers - all makes sense.

On that specific flow, it’ll be anyone who’s placed 3 or more orders so if they might be going through the flow again. 

Regarding setting expiry dates on the coupons, I’m confused as hundreds of people will be flowing through the flow at multiple intervals. Would it mean that every other day (based on when flow goes live), I'd have to replace the coupon? 

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Hey @rvmc2022,

Thanks for those details and sharing more about your strategy! That makes a lot more sense knowing that your flow is using a condition such as “Placed Order greater than 3”.

Regarding your expiry date question, I believe this would really depend on how your flow is set up. For a setup like this, I may suggest incorporating more filtering into the flow such as conditional splits to evaluate the exact number of orders users have made such as “Placed order equal 3”, Placed Order equal 4”, and so on. This further filtering allows you to include unique discount codes down each flow branch as to not sent repeat discount codes to users. 

Another option would be using lengthier time delays within your singular flow. For example, if you had a a flow trigger of “Placed Order greater than 3” followed by a ten day time delay before providing an email which contains a discount code. The discount code in this case would be set to have an expiration of a week. This method is more similar to winback flow rather than a post purchase flow incentivizing users to purchase. This strategy functions by having the coupon code expire before the user is re-queued for the flow should they make a subsequent purchase shortly after their third order. 

With this in mind, so long as the overall time-delay exceeds the expiration timeframe of when the coupon is issued, this strategy should work. For example, you could have a flow trigger followed immediately by an email (such as a thank you for purchasing), followed by a ten day time delay and an email with a discount code.