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  • 30 November 2021
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This is likely a neophyte question, but I’m trying to create a dynamic product feed from Shopify that pulls recently added products to be used in email flows. 

How do I set this up?


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3 replies

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Hello @Ride EquiSafe 


Here is a great Klaviyo article about product feeds. You will notice they are pretty easy to create and use once you go over this article. There you have all the explanations on how to create and use them properly.

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Thanks @Bobi N. The feed I’m trying to create is for newly added products so that in one of the email flows I’ve set up, subscribers get to see the newest products in the store. None of the options in the basic feed set up allow me to do that, so I’m thinking I need to create a custom feed.

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Hey @Ride EquiSafe,

I believe the missing puzzle piece for your use case would be creating your own custom product feed and having it linked to your product block. One way to think about product feeds is that it’s similar to segmentation where you are creating groupings of products based on what collection/tag/category they are in. For example, you can create a custom product feed as @Bobi N. mentioned titled “New Products” that would be populated by products that contain a “new product” tag. This way, so long as you are adding new products within your Shopify catalog with this respective tag, your “New Product” custom product feed would be populated by these products. In turn, through linking a product block to this specific product feed, those products caught by the feed will be used to populate content within your email.

Keep in mind though that depending on how your product block is set up within your flow email, not all the products would appear. What I mean by this is, if you had a product block set up in a 3x2 format which would dynamically display 6 products, but your product feed contains 9 products, then 3 of those products within your feed will be omitted. This does not mean they wouldn’t appear within the product block from time to time, but rather depends on the recipient and the randomization of how these products will display. For this reason it’s also a good idea to periodically maintain your product catalog and product feeds. 

In addition to the How to Use Product Feeds and Recommendations Help Center article that Bobi previously linked, I would suggest taking a look at some other Community posts that go over this topic. To get you started I’ve linked some great posts and comments from @Taylor Tarpley and @Julia.LiMarzi below: