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  • 16 July 2021
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Hi, I have a review request flow where we have been testing 45- vs.  60-days-after-purchase delivery. We did this through a conditional split, where 50% were sent the review request email when triggered by Okendo after 45 days and where the other 50% have a 15-day delay.

We would like to update the flow to send 100% of traffic down the 45-day branch. I know this is as easy as updating the conditional split to send 100% of traffic down the 45-day branch, but will updating the flow disrupt the existing email flow? Will people in the 15-day delay branch still receive their emails?

Thank you!


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Hello @jfcatalan,

Great question!

You are absolutely correct that you’ll need to adjust the percentage from 50% to 100% to navigate new users down the YES path of the random sample conditional split. Since it sounds like your time delays are down each of these conditional split branches, it would not impact those customers who have already gone past the split and into the waiting time delay period. This is because since these customers have already been evaluated by the split, they would be sitting in the respective waiting periods post split. Adjusting the split would not only effect new incoming customers, not those customers who have already gone past the split point. 

I would also suggest taking a look at the How Contacts Move Through a Flow Help Center Article to learn more about the process on how contacts move through a flow and how changes effect them. 

I hope this helps!